PIR Motion Sensor Adjustable & Tiltable 12V DC 4A (Only 8 remaining)

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Technical Data
Housing ColourGrey
Input Voltage12V DC
Max Output4A
Sensor Range~12m
Sensor Angle180°
On Time5 seconds to 6 minutes (adjustable)
DimensionsL=158mm, W=59mm
Cable Length90mm

This plastic surface-mounted PIR sensor can be used for automatic lighting applications in and around your home.

This sensor is easy to install and simple to use, and comes with a plated-steel nut to hold it in place through a 16mm hole – this may be best installed onto a bracket or plastic box if access to the inside wall is not feasible. It runs from 12V DC and is wired between the power supply and light (see the diagram for wiring instructions). Install 1.5-2.5m above the ground for best sensor results.

It is IP44 rated, so must be installed in an area protected from the weather.

PIR sensors detect infrared heat, making them ideal for sensing human bodies. The sensor will detect any part of the human body once it is within 12m, activating the light. The light will stay on for anywhere between 5 seconds and 6 minutes, depending on the settings.

There are 3 adjustable dials on the top of each sensor:

SENS: The IR sensitivity to people, animals etc. Increase (clockwise) for more sensitivity.

TIME: The time the light remains on. Increase (clockwise) for longer on time.

LUX: The light level the light will start operation. Increase (clockwise) for operating in brighter conditions (earlier in the evening).

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