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Weekly Special - 19 LED auto bulbs on clearance! Just $7.90 each while stocks last
May Monthly Special - new economy bulbs just $9.90 for the month of May. Putting out 1050 lumens, these bulbs are equivalent to a 100W incandescent. Available in B22 or E27, in Warm White or Cool White.
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  1. MR16 Economy 6W 12V
    MR16 Economy 6W 12V
    Special Price $7.90 Special Price $9.90
  2. PAR38 Economy 20W 230V 1
    PAR38 Economy 20W 230V
    Regular Price $39.90
  3. E27 Economy 12W 230V 1
    E27 Economy 12W 230V
    Special Price $9.90 Regular Price $14.90
  4. GU10 Economy 6W 230V
    GU10 Economy 6W 230V
    Special Price $7.90 Special Price $9.90
  5. B22 Economy 12W 230V 1
    B22 Economy 12W 230V
    Special Price $9.90 Regular Price $14.90