Planning & Advice

We can help you with planning your lighting project and offering advice on the best way to achieve your goals.

We are particularly experienced at advising for household and commercial strip lighting jobs. We can help you work out the lengths, joins, power location, power supplies, controllers and channel needed for the job.

This is a free service. Where applicable, we will provide you with a quote to supply.

LED Design Service

If you have a project and require a custom circuit, let the experts at LEDstuff help you. Our experienced electronic engineers can design just about any circuit for your project, and can assemble it for you on a professionally printed circuit board (PCB) in-house.

For commercial projects, we can design for production and support volume purchases.

For low cost projects we can, in many cases, utilise existing in-house designed modules to perform the required functions.

Cost will depend on size and complexity of the project, and the quantity of circuits needed. We can quote for any job, big or small.

Contact us to discuss your project requirements with our engineers.

Custom Linear Lights

We manufacture a range of SlimLites for motorhome and caravan applications. As we make these in-house, we can customise the length, colour and brightness to suit your requirements.

These lights are a piece of our aluminium channel with plastic cover and a length of strip light inside. We can use 12 or 24V strip. The SlimLites can come with a range of switches and sensors for many different applications.

View our permanent range of linear lights here or contact us for a quote.

Motorhome & Caravan Light Retrofitting

Upgrade your motorhome or caravan lighting without purchasing entirely new fittings!

We can retrofit your choice of strip light into existing fittings as an easy and affordable solution. This service is only suitable if your existing fittings are in good condition; we will take out the existing bulbs and holders, install new strip light, and wire through the existing switch.

We will recommend the best strip for the job, allowing you to have input on the brightness and colour of the light to suit your requirements.

Pricing is job dependent; we will provide you with a quote prior to starting the work. Contact us to find out more.

Strip Light Services

One of our most popular products is LED strip lighting, which we can cut and tail to exact lengths, ready for installation. Our strip light is highly versatile - it can be used on vehicles, in kitchens, for commercial signage and many other applications. We offer the following services:

Other Services