8 Zone RGB/RGBW Controller Remote (Only 10 remaining)

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Technical Data
Zones8 Zone
FunctionRGB, RGBW
Input Voltage12/24V DC
Remote Range30m
Remote Battery2x AAA (not included)
Remote DimensionsL=130mm, W=55mm, H=19mm

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This RF remote can be paired with our 8 Zone Receiver unit: the RGB Controller Receiver. It can be used to control both 12V and 24V LED product, in either RGB or RGBW, and multiple bases can be programmed to each zone for simultaneous control. It will remember the last settings when powered off, even if the base controllers have experienced a period of power loss.

Touch the colour ring to choose any colour in the circle or choose from 9 dynamic colour changing modes and adjust the brightness/speed of these using the brightness slider and the speed keys.

Select and control each of the 8 zones individually by selecting the zones 1 to 8, or control all zones synchronously by pressing the Master ON key (׀).

Long press the Master OFF key (○) to put all zones into night light mode, where all lights are set to a low level light until the settings are modified again.

Long press any individual zone ON key (׀) to turn that zone to white mode. Long press the Master ON key (׀) to set all zones to white mode. .

Press the Moon key for delayed off setting – all lights turn off after 60 seconds.

For RGBW controllers, the white can be on at the same time as a colour selection for saturation control, by long pressing the Mode key (M).

This remote has a range of 30m and will operate through walls and most other barriers inside your home.

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