Strip Light 60 5050 LEDs/m Constant Current 24V - Waterproof

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Technical Data
Input Voltage24V DC
Power Consumption14.4W /m
BrightnessRed: 132Lm, Green: 360Lm, Blue: 108Lm
IP RatingIP68
Average Lifetime40,000 hours
Light Source60 x 5050 LEDs/m
Beam Angle~120°
Working Temperature-20 - 60°C
Cut Length100mm
DimensionsW=14mm, H= 5mm. Multiples of 100mm (5m max)
FeaturesUV stabilised

Priced per meter. Run up to two 5m lengths in a single run.

This flexible LED strip light is perfect for background lighting, lighting in cupboards and decorating your home.

This product has Constant Current (CC) chips on each 100mm section resulting in a consistent colour along the entire length of strip.

What Makes CC Strip Better?
Because of the thin conductors running along the LED strip, the voltage reduces along the length of the strip. In traditional LED strip light this voltage drop results in less current flowing through each LED, and so the brightness of each colour is decreased towards the end of the strip. Further to this, because each colour LED has a different operating voltage, this can cause a change in colours that are mixed, and is most noticeable on the white setting which results in a pink tinge at the ends of lengths that are too long. This is why traditional RGB strips can only be run in 5-6m lengths. Constant current strip solves this problem by incorporating a chip on each 100mm section that drives the LEDs with the same current over a wide range of voltage. This means the RGB LED brightness will remain the same from start to end and the mix of colours will remain constant.

It is constructed with a very flexible circuit conducting strip on which the LEDs are mounted, encased in a protective rubber cover and has an adhesive 3M backing for easy installation. Once purchased, the strip light can be cut at 100mm intervals, and cut lengths can be wired together or run from a separate power supply making it very versatile.

This strip is IP68 waterproof making it ideal for outdoor installations or in bathrooms and kitchens where moisture can be an issue.

Although this strip light is sold in 1m lengths, you may purchase single length multiples of 1m. For example, you may purchase a single 3m length.

We are unable to supply a single continuous length longer than 5m, however we are able to cut the strips at the 100mm intervals (see below), and also join lengths with a small direct or wire join. If you purchase a quantity more than 5m please specify the lengths you require, otherwise we will make it up with 5m lengths where possible.

If you require custom lengths (multiples of 100mm) made up from your purchased amount, purchase a waterproof strip light wiring service for each additional length and specify the lengths you require in the comments field during the checkout process. For example, if you purchase 2m in total and want 1x 1.5m and 1x 0.5m lengths, just purchase 1x wiring service (1x wiring service is already part of the strip light length) and specify this in the comments field during checkout.

For a clean and modern look, install this strip light in one of our aluminium strip light channels.

Please note that as an RGB colour changing product, you will require a controller unit to change and set the colour output on this product. You can see our range of controllers here. When used with an RGB controller, you can set the colour or have it flashing or fading through the colours - the modes available depend on the model of controller used.

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