RGB 5mm LEDs - 5 Pack

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Technical Data
Light Colour Red/Green/Blue
Wavelength Red=630nm / Green=525nm / Blue=465nm
Beam Angle 30-40°
Brightness Red=3000 / Green=7500 / Blue=3000mcd
Max Forward Current Red=30mA / Green=30mA / Blue=30mA
Forward Voltage Red=2.0V / Green=3.5V / Blue=3.5V
Lens Water clear
Configuration 2-pin LED

These RGB LEDs automatically cycle through a range of colours, making them ideal for any project that is designed to catch attention. Because they change automatically, they only have two pins, and can be wired like a normal single colour LED.

You can power these from any 12V power source with a single 390 Ohm resistor.

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