RGB 12A Amplifier/Repeater

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Technical Data
Input Voltage12-24V DC
Operating Life50,000 hours
Max Current12A, 4A per channel, max 10A total
Operating Temperature
DimensionsL=105mm (incl. tabs), W=64mm, H=24mm

This RGB amplifier/repeater is required when running more RGB product than a single RGB controller is rated for. The excess is run through this RGB amplifier with a separate power supply, but the signal comes from the one controller. As many of these RGB amplifiers can be used as required.

It has 3 high-power channels capable of driving up to 4A per channel up to a maximum of 12A, but we recommend loading no more than 10A as driving any controller or amplifier at maximum capacity will shorten its lifespan. It can be run from 12 to 24V DC.

A signal wire is required to link the RGB amplifier to the main controller. These wires do not have to be heavy duty as they only carry a signal. If using more than one amplifier, these wires can be looped to the next amplifier. If using this amplifier to control single colour strip, bridge the inputs together and the outputs together (see images for wiring instructions).

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