Mini 12VDC Rope Light 2-Wire Round

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Technical Data
Input Voltage12V DC
Light ColourWarm White
Dimensions10mm round
Average Lifetime50,000 hours
Light Source36 LEDs /m
Power Consumption0.6W /m
Cut LengthApprox. 110mm

12V Rope light is priced per meter and sold in multiples of 1m.

This LED rope light is perfect for use as feature lighting in both home and business environments. It has been particularly popular in restaurants and bars as ceiling/cove lighting.

While it is sold per meter, it can be cut every 4 LEDs (approx. every 11cm), and can be run in lengths up to 20m.

The rope light is designed with two internal wires running 36 bright LEDs per meter and is powered directly from 12VDC, so it needs to be paired with a 12V power supply. It also requires a rope light power cable to connect the rope to the 12V supply. Purchase the exact length you require or buy and trim as needed. It is very easy to connect, and setup and installation instructions can be downloaded below. The rope light can be cut at the cut marks every 1m (or every 4 LEDs).

LED rope lighting is 35% brighter than incandescent rope lighting, and is a 100% solid state design, meaning there is no glass or filaments to break! LED rope lighting is the most durable of all rope lighting and lasts for up to 50,000 hours.

The rope light itself is waterproof, however the end cap and power cable connections will need to be sealed if used outdoors. To have this done for you, purchase the Power Cable and End Cap as well as our waterproofing service.

This rope can only be run in lengths up to 20m.

You need a 12V power cord to attach and power this rope. See and purchase them on our website here.

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