H4 Premium Error-Free Bulb - 12/24V

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Technical Data
Automotive Base TypeH4, P43t, 9003
Input Voltage10-60V DC
Power Consumption1W on low beam, 8W on high beam
Light Source12x 5205 SMD LEDs
Beam Angle180°
Light ColourCool White
DimensionsL=82.5mm, W=47mm

This LED is a drop-in replacement for your existing H4 bulb.

This bulb is equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb. They have high/low beam functionality, drawing only 1W on low beam, and 8W on high beam. To use low beam mode, wire the negative to the left or right pin, and the positive to the central pin. For high beam/full brightness, wire the negative to the left or right pin, and the positive to the left or right pin.

Error-free bulbs simply contain built-in resistors that increase the power draw of the bulb in an attempt to prevent an error showing on the instrument cluster. Due to differences in the thresholds set by car manufacturers, we cannot guarantee that these bulbs will prevent an error in all makes and models. For more information see our FAQ on error-free bulbs.

Note that the LED H4 bulbs are not designed for the main headlights but are suitable for secondary lights such as fog or park lights if your car uses them. They will not pass a WOF if used as main headlights.

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