Edison 3W LED RGB Star PCB CA

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Technical Data
Light Colour Red / Green / Blue
Wavelength Red=625nm / Green=520nm / Blue=470nm
Beam Angle ~90°
Max Forward Current 350 mA per LED, 1050 mA total
Forward Voltage Red=2.8V / Green=3.5V / Blue=3.5V
Dimensions D=21mm
Configuration Common Anode

This is a high power RGB LED soldered to a Star PCB. The LED includes three separate LEDs (Red, Green and Blue), each of which can run up to 350mA, so the total LED is rated to 3W.

A heatsink may be required when running the LED. Typically when running above 350mA a heatsink is used, but this can depend on the application.

Although the labels on the PCB are B+, G+, R+ and -, this is a common anode LED, so the - connection point is the anode of all 3 LEDs (positive side).

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