DC-DC Step-Up Step-Down Converter

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Technical Data
Input Voltage4-28V DC (1A max)
Output1.5-26V (1A max)
Working Temperature< 50°C
Dimensions L=53mm, W=38mm, H=19mm

A DC-DC converter takes a DC voltage input and outputs a regulated DC voltage, usually at a lower value. However, this one is capable of stepping the DC voltage up and down, making it very suitable for a range of applications. It takes any input voltage from 4-28V and can be set to output any voltage from 1.5-26V. They come configured for 12V, so they are ready to run 12V LED products in your motor home or car etc.

This converter with Trimpot adjustment can be very handy for running LED items from a solar panel where the input voltage can vary significantly. It can also be used for stepping the voltage up or down as required, such as running 12V LED Strip Light from 6V, 9V, 24V or a 12-15V battery, and many more examples.

This is a must if you want your LED Strip Light to run at a constant brightness from a battery.

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