Bright LEDs 5mm 17° X-Type - 20 Pack

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Technical Data
Light Colour White
Beam Angle 17-23°
Brightness 10000-12000 mcd
Output 105 mW
Max Forward Current 30 mA
Forward Voltage 3.0 - 3.6V
Lens Water clear
Quantity 20 pack

These super bright 5mm LEDs are perfect for use in your car, home projects or toys.

You can power these from any 12V power source with a single 330 Ohm resistor.

Please note these LEDs are classed as X-Type which means they should not be used in important situations where they are expected to be reliable for a long period of time (such as display units). They are usually fine, but don't have the long-life guarantee that our other LEDs have.

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