Wall Touch Plate RGBW Controller 4x 3A

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Technical Data
Input Voltage12-24V DC
Max Power Load12V=144W, 24V=288W
Operating Life50,000 hours
Max Current3A x 4 channels (Max 12A total)
Standby Power Consumption0.4W
Working Temperature-20°C - 55°C
Controller DimensionsH=86mm, W=86mm, D=36mm

This wall plate RGBW controller is designed for controlling any 12V or 24V RGBW colour-changing product, such as our LED RGBW strip light. It has a clean modern look with its glass touch panel, and it emits a pleasant sound to indicate when a touch has registered - however this can be turned on/off (muted) simply by pressing and holding the power button until it sounds. A blue indicator light shows just above the power button when the unit is powered off so that it is easy to locate in the dark.

Run up to 4 lengths of strip/low voltage products, each up to 3A load each - the maximum output of this controller is 3A per channel (12A max total).

Please note that this does not fit into a standard wall socket box. It is supplied with an 86 type switch box which is installed into the wall beforehand - this product is recommended for new builds or renovations where new GIB board will be installed. Retrofitting an 86 box into the wall will be difficult as the touch panel only just covers the hole the panel is recessed into. This unit comes with mounting screws.


The top arrow keys change the brightness of a single colour up and down, or change the speed of fade/flash between colours in the colour-changing modes. Set it to a specific colour at any time simply by selecting the desired colour on the colour wheel dial. Turn on Warm White light by pressing the 'W' key on the bottom right of the panel - long press this to change the brightness of the Warm White light - if you want Warm White only, you must be in the 'static black' mode which turns off all the other colours. In the other modes, pressing the 'W' key will turn the Warm White on at the same time as the current mode selected. Change modes and scroll through the different modes by pressing the mode key on the bottom left corner. This will also jump back to the last mode set when pressed after having set a single colour on the colour wheel dial.

Modes available:

  • Static Red
  • Static Green
  • Static Blue
  • Static Yellow
  • Static Purple
  • Static Cyan
  • Static White
  • RGB (3 colours) jumping/flashing
  • 7 colours jumping/flashing
  • RGB (3 colours) smooth fading
  • 7 colours smooth fading
  • Static Black - turns off RGB (Warm White mode)

Use this controller with our flexible RGBW strip light.

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