PWM Dimmer with RF Wheel Remote - 18A

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Technical Data
Zones1 Zone
Input Voltage12-24V DC
Output216W at 12V DC, 432W at 24V DC
Operating Life25,000 hours
Max Current18A (Max 6A per channel)
Standby Power Consumption0.05Mw
Remote Range> 20m
Remote Frequency433 MHz
Controller DimensionsL=83mm, W=60mm (81mm incl. tabs), H=32.5mm
Remote DimensionsL=114mm, W=56mm, H=23mm

This 3-channel PWM dimmer is designed for adjusting the brightness of any resistor-based LED product, such as our single colour LED strip light. It is capable of driving up to 18A total, so it can run up to 216W of lighting at 12V DC and 432W at 24V DC (maximum 6A per channel). For running even more load, pair with our 10A amplifier/repeater.

The controller comes complete with an RF remote control that will work through walls and up to 20m indoors. The remote has 3 different modes for brightness adjustment: a touch sensitive dimmer wheel, min and max brightness buttons, and brightness '+' or '-' buttons which increase or decrease the brightness by 10% each press. It also has buttons to power the light on or off. The remote is powered by 3xAAA batteries which are not included.

It dims down to a minimum of 15% of the full brightness of the LED product.

This controller remembers its last setting when powered off using the remote, and will also remember the setting after power loss to the controller unit. It will not turn the light back on after power loss to the unit, but the lights will flash once briefly when power returns.

Please note: When running a single load of more than 6A, you must bridge the three outputs so that the full 18A loading of the controller can be utilised. Loading more than 6A on a single channel with shorten the lifespan of the unit and cause it to fail.

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