Proximity Hand Motion Sensor Dimmable 12-24V DC 8A

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Technical Data
Input Voltage12-24V DC
OutputUp to 96W of 12V, 192W of 24V DC LED lighting
Detection Range<50mm
DimensionsL=55mm, W=10mm, H=4.2mm

This Infra-Red hand sensor switch works to activate and dim 12 or 24V DC LED products. It is designed to be used and installed alongside LED strip light inside an aluminium channel that is no more than 7mm deep, but could be installed into deeper channel or other enclosures with packing, or used 'bare'. It works through our plastic diffused covers, so there is no need to drill holes. It is built into some of our SlimLite range, such as our SM300PR and SM500PR, both of which can be made to custom lengths if required.

It is ideal for use in the home as well as in motorhomes and caravans for automatic lighting, or in situations that require touch-free lighting for cleanliness such as over sink areas.

Measuring just 55mm in length, this sensor is very discrete. To operate, simply wave a hand over the light within 50mm of the sensor. To dim, hover your hand over the sensor until the desired setting is achieved. Repeating this process reverses the dim function and increases the brightness until full brightness is reached. There is a small blue LED on this sensor, which is on when power is connected and the light is off, making it easy to locate in the dark. The blue light turns off when the main light is on, but will flash while the light is being dimmed until the maximum or minimum brightness is reached. The light will remember it's last setting, even after power loss or when paired with a wall switch, and will turn back on at the previous brightness.

To install, solder the input wire to the V+ and V- at the input end of the PCB board, and the LED strip light to the LED+ and LED- at the output end - please note that the input and output ends are marked on the underside of the sensor board, so these must be referenced to before installing into any channel or casing.

Pricing is per sensor.

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