Mini PWM LED Dimmer Module

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Technical Data
Input Voltage 8-24V DC
Output 5A
Control Input 0-5V DC or 0-100k Ohm
Frequency Fixed 100Hz
Duty Cycle 0-100%
Working Temperature < 50°C
Weight 10g
Dimensions L=48.5mm, W=24mm, H=14mm

This 1-Channel PWM LED dimmer module is suitable for dimming products such as individual LEDs, LED strip light, G4 bulbs and modules. It can drive up to 5A (over 12m of our strip light) and can run from between 8V and 25V. Simply control with the 100K Ohm potentiometer supplied or from an external 0-5V DC signal.

This dimmer module connects in series between the power supply and the product being dimmed.

PWM dimmers cannot be used to dim high power GU10 or MR16 bulbs that have internal power supplies.

This dimmer comes with a standard white knob. If you would like to purchase a nice aluminium knob, you can view them here.


  • Wire the power supply into the GND negative and VIN positive terminals.
  • Wire a 100k Ohm potentiometer between the CTRL and GND terminals for dimming adjustment.
  • Wire the LED load to the OUT- negative and OUT+ positive terminals.
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