Mini In-Line RGB Controller with Card Remote (Only 12 remaining)

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Technical Data
Zones1 Zone
Input Voltage5-24V DC
Output60W at 5V DC, 144W at 12V DC, 288W at 24V DC
Operating Life25,000 hours
Max Current12A total, 4A per channel
Modes22 modes, 20 static colours
Standby Power Consumption0.5W
Remote Range>15m
Remote Frequency433.92MHz
Remote Battery1x CR2025
Remote DimensionsW=40mm, L=86mm
DimensionsPanel: W=13mm, L=55mm, H=5.5mm. Total L=155mm (plug to plug)

This mini in-line RGB controller is designed for controlling resistor-based LED product, such as our RGB strip light. It is capable of driving up to 12A, so it can run up to 60W of lighting at 5V DC, 144W at 12V DC and 288W at 24V DC.

The controller comes with an RF key card remote which takes 1x CR2025 button cell battery (included). The remote will remember its last setting, even after loss of power. Upon powering up from the power source (not the controller), the lights will flash briefly once to indicate that power is connected. Then the remote can be used to turn it on.

If using more than one remote or powering separate strips in the same house, use the following instructions to pair/unpair the remotes as needed:

  • To pair the remote to the controller/strip, power on and within 5 seconds short press the COLOUR- and BRIGHT- buttons together. The lights will flash white to show the pairing has been successful
  • You can pair a remote to multiple controllers. There is no unpairing function, but you can pair a remote with another controller to undo the first pairing

When wiring this controller to an LED product, it is crucial that the red arrow on the controller lines up with the black arrow on the connector (depicted in the 4th picture). The white wire must be at the top (it is possible for the black sleeve to be taken off the wires, put the arrow over the white wire when putting it back on). If it is wired the other way around and powered on, the controller will be permanently damaged. We recommend placing some heatshrink over this connection to ensure it doesn't come undone. See the Supporting Info tab for more installation instructions.

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