LEDstuff DMX Controller & Dimmer Set with Wall Plate

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Technical Data
Input Voltage8-28V DC
Output5A /channel (max 12A total)
FrequencyFixed 100Hz
Working Temperature< 50°C
Controller DimensionsL=180mm, W=48mm, H=23mm
DimensionsWall Plate: L=42mm, W=25mm, H=25mm

Designed using the latest in modular dimming technology, you can now have a low voltage PWM dimmer mounted on a standard wall plate!

The new modular design contains a wall plate mounted knob wired (with a standard network cable - not supplied) to the dimming unit. By locating the dimming unit close to the power supply and the light being controlled, it eliminates the problems that can occur with long, high current cabling to and from the wall plate.


  • Modular design eliminating problems with long high current cabling

  • Fits all standard wall plates using one of the supplied adapters

  • Min/Max trim for a user selectable dimming range

  • Dual channel output allowing for more driving capacity

  • Standard network cabling

  • Advanced modules available at request (daisy chain, addressable etc.)

This PWM LED dimmer is suitable for dimming LEDs, LED strip light, G4 bulbs, LED modules and more. It can drive up to 5A per channel up to a maximum of 12A and can run from between 8V and 28V.

The dimming unit is wired in series between the power supply and the product being dimmed.

Please note this does not come with a network cable - this will have to be sourced separately. The length you will need will depend on the distance between the location of the controller unit and the location of the base unit. These are readily available in multiple lengths from all computing supplies retailers, or your electrician can terminate one during the installation.


- Wire the wall plate dimmer and dimming unit together with a standard network cable (such as Cat-5e).
- Wire the power supply into the GND negative and VIN positive terminals.
- Wire the LED load to the OUT- negative terminals and the VOUT positive terminal.

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