LED Tester

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Technical Data
Input Voltage9V battery
DimensionsL=85mm, W=55mm, H=25mm

Testing an LED can be a tedious task. However, this LED Tester is a great little power source for doing exactly that. Not only can you quickly and easily find out if that LED is still working, but you can also check the brightness of the LED on 5 different current settings before you even build up a circuit.
It is suitable for any LEDs with pins such as through-hole, UFO and piranha LEDs.

Main Slots:

2x2mA, 2x5mA, 3x10mA, 4x20mA, 2x30mA (Through-hole)

Other Slots:

1x20mA, 1x50mA, 1x70mA, 1x150mA (UFO and Piranha)

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